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Bucharest, a city you want to live in!

If you are an expat in Romania and want to find an apartment to live in, you can check our offers!

First, follow this steps! Figure out how much you can afford to spend with accommodation, know the type of apartment you want and search for a real estate advert that meets your expectations and your budget.

Supposing we established both concerns, now you have to settle a date with the real estate agent that will meet you to visit the apartment.

Do you want to settle your residence to Domenii?

In a three bedroom apartment? In a studio? What surface? Put your filters on GoldenKey, and you will get what you asked for. If you want details about Domenii apartments, call the real estate agency which will answer your questions.

You will find a variety of Bucharest apartments to choose from, in a friendly and chic area like Domenii is.

Now you can settle your residence in Domenii and enjoy Bucharest!